Alexandria Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often a mystery to people. It is a bit more complex than Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and it is used less often, as well. If you are considering bankruptcy and you have a reasonably significant income, or you have some assets or credit on which you could continue to make payments, you might want to consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

At Jeffrey A. Vogelman and Associates, our Alexandria Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys can help. We will look over your finances with you to determine whether bankruptcy is a good choice for you, and if so, whether Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 would be a better fit, all things considered. With more than 30 years of legal experience, we know bankruptcy laws well, and we can help you find the best path to financial freedom.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is considered a debt repayment or debt reorganization plan. It is most appropriate for those who bring in too much income to pass the Chapter 7 means test, and it involves a lengthier process from beginning to end. If approved for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will work with your lawyer, the bankruptcy court and your creditors to determine a payment plan for your debts that will be equitable and more manageable for you. You will be placed a three-year to five-year payment plan, depending on your circumstances, after which time — if you have made all your payments on time — your remaining debt will be liquidated.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy And Divorce

For many people facing divorce, financial difficulties are somehow involved. Especially in high-asset divorce situations, when the spouses are bringing in significant income but are still too far in debt to keep up with payments, Chapter 13 could be a good option. However, it is important to consult with an experienced lawyer to determine the best tactical approach to these two distinct but overlapping legal processes.

At Jeffrey A. Vogelman and Associates, we have a wealth of experience in both bankruptcy and divorce, so we are well-equipped to provide you with sound legal counsel regarding bankruptcy and divorce proceedings.

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