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How to get through the holidays as a two-home family

After a divorce, life changes dramatically. The children have to adjust to two households. This can be challenging on a normal day, but when the holidays come around, it can become very stressful. It is tough to ensure everyone can have a good holiday celebration without any parent or extended family missing out on time with the children.

Operation: Parent suggests planning ahead well in advance to ensure the holiday schedule works for everyone. This includes mapping out who will be where and when. It means letting the kids know what will be happening so they can feel less stressed and more relaxed about the whole situation. Also, parents must be willing to be flexible. Not everyone will get the kids when they want them. It is likely compromises will have to be made. This is just part of the deal once parents divorce.

Things can get even more complex once stepfamilies become involved. It can be difficult for the other parent to adjust to the different traditions and ideas of another family. This is why SheKnows suggests letting the little things slide when it comes to holiday visitation and plans. Different ways of celebrating are not worth arguing over, such as opening presents on a day other than Christmas. The focus should always stay on the children, ensuring they are not upset and they can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about their parents' issues.

After a divorce, many things will change and holidays are one major change. It will be very difficult to continue doing things exactly as they were done before now that there are two homes for the children. Letting go of past traditions can be hard, but it is often necessary. Parents should be ready to create new traditions and should focus on the future instead of the past.

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