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How to talk to your fiance about a prenup

If you and your partner are like most Virginia couples, then procrastination is by far the most preferred method of dealing with prenuptial agreements. At Jeffrey A. Vogelman and Associates, we often advise our clients to pursue these conversations early. The weeks leading up to the wedding are no time to be talking about your property division or spousal support plans.  

In fact, one of the first tricks to having a calm conversation about prenups is to start talking early. You might get lucky and resolve the issue in your first conversation. At the very least, opening up the issue is likely to give you a chance to try again in the event you are unable to make a decision immediately. Forming the foundation of a conversation before the wedding stress begins to build also tends to help you keep a steady head. 

Maintaining calm is important during these types of conversations. This is especially true if you are the one bringing up the subject: The last thing you want is to appear as though you are trying to start a fight. One secret to keeping calm is to remember that a prenup has nothing to do with whether or not you intend to split up. It is simply a document designed to influence and expedite certain processes should the marriage not work out:

  • Who pays for your fees and other expenses
  • How you divide your debt 
  • Who supports whom
  • The division of your property

If you are still nervous about your looming conversation, there are several articles readily available to fortify you. Business Insider has a concise review of how to talk about prenuptial agreements, adding active listening and honesty to the two tips we provided above. Please continue to read more on our main site.

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